Hello, my name is Igor Maznitsa and I welcome you on my home page!

I am a software engineer from Tallinn (Estonia) and programming is my work and the main hobby. Mainly my site is a collection of links to my pet projects, some photos and different old stuff and information about me and my projects. I don't place a technical info or references to the site, for such purposes I use my technical blog.

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About me

      I was born in Leningrad city (the USSR) in 1975 (now it is Saint-Petersburg, Russia). My first home computer platforms were the BK-0010-01 (it is one of Russian PDP-11 clones) and the ZX-Spectrum but before them I had the great russian programming calculator MK-61. I began getting my first knowledges in the programming area in the school, so that my first computer program I wrote in 1989. In 1990 I decided to become a programmer but failed my math exams to enter the programming faculty (they desired too much math) and was made to enter the radio engineering faculty of Leningrad Radio Technical School, but in 90th the electronic engineering education already included programming and gave me much better understanding of digital electronic basis, so that I got some experience with IBM PC XT and Apple II (we had russian clones called AGAT). In 1996 I bought my first PC AT 486 66Mhz which had amazing RAM size (8Mb) and started to learn programming for the PC platform (also in 1996 I got the FIDO address 2:5030/153.31 and it was my first experience with world-wide networks). As I left military service in 1997 I began career as a software engineer in a small company filled by former military engineers called “Information Technologies and Models” where I worked for two years as a junior software engineer. Then I left the company and since those time have changed a lot of employers and own businesses and even worked for the great Russian company "Speech Technology Center" where I developed services for speaking software and devices. Since 2013 I have been living in Tallinn (Estonia) and work for ZeroTurnaround.

       I was programming in tons of computer languages and I have even experience in enterprise FORTH based system development :) but since 1999 mainly I use Java for my commercial and pet projects (it's a funny to remember that I was very sceptical to Java in 1997 as I heard about the platform from my friend who developed The Together Center) but also I have interest in functional and declarative programming areas (especially Prolog and Erlang).

      I am sure that today programming engineers are the only successors of medieval alchemists and today software engineers have the same objectives:

      From the both objectives I like the second one much more than the first one.

     For questions, offers or hello-letters you can use my email address igor.maznitsa[at]igormaznitsa.com , also you can find me in social networks but I am not a very active social network user:

Copyright © 2004-2014, Igor Maznitsa


Copyright © 2004-2014, Igor Maznitsa

My Pet Projects

      Just click a project banner to visit the project page.

Sometime in my projects I am made to parse and form binary blocks and such code is very verbose in Java, I tried Python and decided to make some similar Python Struct in Java so that JBBP was born. It allows parse binary blocks through a script and also has some DSL to form binary block data. It is a very small and lightweight framework which also is an Android compatible one.
JHexed is a small, Android-compatible Java based hexagonal framework allows to build games and applications need manipulations with hexagonal fields, for instance strategic step-by-step games.
ZX-Poly platform
It is a concept project of the word-first multiCPU 8bit ZX-Spectrum clone. I developed the platform in 1994 but unfortunately ZX-Spectrum time had gone. The Platform allows to colorize old games and applications and increase their graphical resolution without any change in executing code. The Platform could be built in 80th with those element base.
The Java Comment Preprocessor tool
I developed the tool in 2002 to make my mobile development much easier. I think it is one of the first preprocessors for Java and may be it is the most powerful one. For long time it was a non-open source project but now it is OSS. It can be used with both ANT and MAVEN, also it can be called as a regular Java library.
Prol (Embeddable Java Prolog Engine)
Since the middle of 80-th I heard about Prolog and even bought a book about it in 1990 but I didn't have enough time to read about the language in details. In 2009 at last I had enough time to read the book and I was amazed by the powerful of the language, thus I developed a small Java engine to learn Prolog and public it as an OSS project.
Java Prolog Parser, it is an open source project
the Project was extracted from the JPROL project and developed independently.
It is an academic project to check possibility of JVM bytecode compilation into Z80 machine codes. The Project is a maven plugin which allows to make such translation. It just translates without any GC feature.
In some my projects I was made to develop notifications for inappropriate time delay for code blocks, so that I developed the JScreed, it is a small lightweight Java framework without any magic under the hood. It just allows to log too long time for code block execution. It works with the most popular log frameworks.
MJVM project
A very small project to check possibility to execute JVM bytecodes in Java under J2ME platform.

Copyright © 2004-2014, Igor Maznitsa

Old Stuff

Below you can find links to misc pages describing my old developments or project participation

Sometime for my projects I was made to develop utilities to make small work or optimization, below links to some of them.

Copyright © 2004-2014, Igor Maznitsa