Hello, my name is Igor Maznitsa and I welcome you to be on my home page!

I am a programming engineer from Tallinn (Estonia) and programming is not only my work but also it is my main hobby.

Mainly my site is a set of links to my current pet projects, different old stuff and information about me and my participation in different old projects.

I hope that your visit to the page will be useful for you.

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About me

      I was born in Leningrad city (the USSR) in 1975. My first home computer platform was the BK-0010-01 (it is one of Russian PDP-11 clones) and the next platform was the ZX-Spectrum. In 1996 I bought my first PC AT 486 and began to learn programming for that platform. As I left the military service in 1997 I began career as a programming engineer in a small company called “Information Technologies and Models” where I worked for two years. Then I worked as a subcontractor and an employee for different well-known trademarks (for instance OTIS, Samsung, Siemens, F-Secure) and took a part in big number of software projects for very different areas.

      My first commercial programming language was Delphi but since 1999 my both the favorite computer language and the platform is Java and mainly I develop all my projects in the language, so that I can be titled as a Java programmer. Also I have very strong interest in programming with Prolog and Erlang. I have skills in development of commercial projects even in such rare language as FORTH.

      I am sure that today programming engineers are the successors of the medieval alchemists and they have even the same objectives:

      I like the second one very much.

     If you have questions or offers to me, do not hesitate to email me, my email is igor.maznitsa[at]igormaznitsa.com ,also you can find me in social networks through below links:

Copyright © 2004-2012, Igor Maznitsa


Copyright © 2004-2012, Igor Maznitsa

My Pet Projects

      Just click a project banner to visit the home page of the project.

J2Z80 In some my projects I was made to develop notifications for inappropriate time delay of some code blocks, thus I developed the JScreed, it is a small lightweight Java framework without any magic under the hood. It just allows to log too long time for code block execution. It works with popular log frameworks.
J2Z80 I decided to try Java development chain to make programs for the Z80 (it's an old 8 bit CPU) and it turned out brilliant. The Maven plugin allows to translate a Java class into Z80 machine instructions (of course with some restrictions). It's also an open source project.
ZX-Poly platform It is my concept project of the first world multi-CPU clone of the well-known platform ZX-Spectrum. The idea struck me in 1994 but unfortunately the time of the platform had gone and now it is just a concept platform. I have developed the emulator of the platform to check its principles.
The Java Comment Preprocessor tool The tool developed by me in 2002 to help me in my mobile developments. I think it is one of the first preprocessors for Java and may be it is the most powerful one. Long time it was a closed project but now it is an open source project. It supports both ANT and MAVEN, also can be called as a regular Java library.
MJVM project I had some free time and tried to develop a small JVM implementation which could be executed in J2ME and would allow me to make some simulation of Java class loaders on mobile devices.
Prol (Embeddable Java Prolog Engine) Since the middle of 80-th I heard about Prolog and even bought a book about it in 1990 but I didn't have enough time to read it but I found time to read the book in 2009 and I was amazed by the language. I decided to write a Prolog engine to learn it better thus the Prol project was born. Since 2014 it is an OSS project under Apache License 2.0
Java Prolog Parser, it is an open source project I reworked my prolog parser and have published it as an open source project. It allows to parse prolog source code written in Edinburg style, also it supports the operator mechanism.

Copyright © 2004-2012, Igor Maznitsa

Old Stuff

I have placed below several links to pages contain screenshots from old projects developed by me or where I took a part, WARNING!!! A LOT OF TRAFFIC!!!

I have placed here old or very old utilities which were developed by me casually. Some of them may be very useful and today.

Copyright © 2004-2012, Igor Maznitsa